About the band

In late December of 2012, the gods of rock gifted us with the creation of Wolves Among Ravens, a mysterious rock nā€™ roll power trio out of Northeast Georgia. An equal balance of hair and talent, the rockers look to influences such as Led Zeppelin, the Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, and others to refine their sound. As of 2017 they now have their music distributed across the globe, have shared the stage with iconic artists such as Brad Whitford (formerly of Aerosmith) and Derrick St. Holmes (formerly of Ted Nugent) , and were recently nominated for "Best Rock Act of 2016" at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

With intricate, sweeping guitar solos, bombastic bass lines, elegant vocal harmonies, and a deluge of beautifully articulated drum fills, Wolves Among Ravens is developing into a musical powerhouse destined to reshape the music industry.



Raw energy

Embodying the true essence of Rock N Roll, their live shows are filled with authentic chemistry arching back to the days of old when songs were played differently each night. With the ability to seamlessly play off of each other, no show is ever the same!

PURE soul

As the lights dim down, knobs are dialed back, and lighters are lit as Tyler's bluesy voice embodies the entire room. The ability to switch from intense improvisation to a classic sing-along ballad is the core essence of the band's sound.


Tyler "Deltawolf" Smith


With a uniquely powerful voice and masterful fretboard work, Tyler combines a blend of Jimmy Page style riff-age, Hendrix noise, and modern technique to create a unique style of his own.


Logan "animal" payne


Crafting his style after the late/great John Bonham, Logan fuses classic snare-based fills with unprecedented energy for one of the most awe-inspiring stage presences in the modern music industry.


Daniel "Paul" leverett


With a finger dexterity level of over 9000, Daniel carries the band's sound with his 70's style blues runs, perfect synchronization with the drums, and simple but effective harmonies.


The new record

Their new self-titled EP "Wolves Among Ravens" is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and many others!